Bye bye Facebook!

Submitted by ricardo on Thu, 11/21/2013 - 15:44

I've deleted my facebook account!

If you want to do the same use this link: delete facebook account

I did this only after careful consideration on the steering of current situation on social sites.
The reasons are the same many other people have across the world:

10. Facebook's Terms Of Service are evil.
9. Facebook has no respect for my privacy.
8. Facebook is pulling a classic bait-and-switch.
7. Facebook is not healthy for your real social life.
6. The Facebook application itself sucks.
5. Facebook is not competent enough to be trusted and will give your data away "if necessary".
4. Facebook gave me a hard time to delete my account.
3. Facebook doesn't (really) support the Open Web or Free Software.
2. Facebook's CEO has a documented history of unethical behavior.
1. Even your private data is shared with applications.

IRC (,
Community Sites (like,
Disapora ( or Friendica ( or Freenet (

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