Drupal, DevOps and DrupalCon Barcelona 2015

Submitted by ricardo on Wed, 05/27/2015 - 17:38

Drupal is an awesome tool for building sites!
You imagine, you create and finally you publish your work online.
“What now? Is that work over?”
If you have those questions making an echo in your mind, then this track is exactly what you were looking for.

Every site needs to be deployed, hosted, monitored, upgraded, scaled, security patched and maintained. Drupalcon Barcelona DevOps track can help you to achieve those goals and ensure the success of your site.

DevOps bridges the gap between the world of developers and operations.

Drupal development is well understood by the community - it is all about code. Writing code, implementing code, testing code, re-writing code… Relax, have a drink and do some more code.

Operations is all about looking after the systems that runs that code. The operations people figure out how much CPU, RAM and Disk you will need to run your Drupal site, ensuring patch security, automated testing, scalability… basically how to keep the site running and growing flawlessly.

As shown in the book “The Phoenix Project”, those are two separate groups of people that look after the same systems, while thinking in two different worlds. DevOps promises to break down the barriers between developers and systems operators, while empowering operations staff to use many of the same techniques as developers do and vice-versa.

The DevOps mindset Rackspace’s eBook, describes it this way:

“Without cross-functionality and flexibility, DevOps just won’t work. You can’t buy DevOps in a box. Certain facets have to be in place for DevOps to function, and the number one factor is having a company culture in which it can thrive. Basically, it is both a social system and a technical system – a socio-technical System, and what DevOps does is bring the social more in balance with the technical than it has been in the past.”

In this track we want to expand these core concepts, of DevOps, to the Drupal community, and help both developers and operations to achieve the long-lasting success of Drupal sites.

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Ricardo Amaro (ricardoamaro )
DrupalCon Barcelona DevOps track chair

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