Drupal Installation Script for Linux Debian/Ubuntu

Submitted by ricardo on Wed, 05/14/2014 - 14:16

Yesterday we gave a workshop at the @IST in Lisbon .
Based on that experience i created an automation script that installs "all the things" and makes your local Linux Debian/Ubuntu box run the latest drupal version in around 3 minutes.

Give it a try by running this on the command line:

curl -s http://www.ricardoamaro.com/d7install.bash | sh

What it will do:
- Install mysql, apache, php, phpmyadmin, drush
- Create a drupal database and a drupal mysql user
- Fully Install Drupal on /var/www/drupal
- Spawn firefox pointed at: http://drupal & http://drupal/phpmyadmin

You can then jump into /var/www/drupal and run drush commands like:

/var/www/drupal$ drush help
/var/www/drupal$ drush status

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