How to watch .arf webex files on your Linux Desktop

Submitted by ricardo on Thu, 02/27/2014 - 16:52

The easiest way you can watch webex recordings on Linux is by converting them to mp4 using the NBR2MP4 Converter supplied by webex.

Here are the steps:

cd ~
tar -xvf nbr2mp4.tar ./
chmod +x ./
cd nbr2_mp4



Usage: ./nbr2mp4 SOURCE [MP4_DIRECTORY] [FPS]
SOURCE: The name of the source Advanced Recording Format file (.arf)
that you want to convert. Specify a path name if the file is in a
directory other than the current directory.
MP4_DIRECTORY: The directory for the MP4 output file. If MP4_DIRECTORY
is not specified, the MP4 output file will be generated in the same
directory as the SOURCE file.
FPS: The number of frames per second, which should be between 3 and 10,
default = 5.

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