Submitted by ricardo on Sun, 09/22/2013 - 17:34

I’m leavig today Berlin on my way for Drupalcon Prague. Here i attended the first Monitorama event done in Europe. My mind was completely blownaway by the amazing Opensource driven Community foud at the event. We could find people from all parts of Europe and even some from the U.S., all in a quest to make monitoring not suck… Maybe that’s why i got a pair of s_cks at the registration:

All in all it was great to get a refreshment of new ideas with strong based FreeSoftware plurality. Lot’s of people with very different ideas and experiences, from several companies that needed better solutions for monitoring and even some, like a very well know phone manufacturer company started with a B, that are driving away from proprietary, closed and hard to maintain software. In the middle of all this turmoil, a big secret, that people had fear to admit but “whispered” silently: “Our main alerts are from Nagios”...

Hu? Well… Why be ashamed about it? It works, it’s hardened by time and it keeps the business running. Of course it misses a lot of great features, like predicting #failures or diff/zooming graphed events, but for that we can pipe that information to graphite, skyline…

If we want to put the eyes in the future we can probably look into Reimann or on the already established Sensu.

But let’s be honest? What we need to be doing is to fix stuff with no exceptions. Don’t let things stuck there pending a fix. Don’t wait for it to wake you up in the middle of the night and then blame Nagios just because it did it’s dutty… Fix it!

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