How to watch .arf webex files on your Linux Desktop

The easiest way you can watch webex recordings on Linux is by converting them to mp4 using the NBR2MP4 Converter supplied by webex.

Here are the steps:

cd ~
tar -xvf nbr2mp4.tar ./
chmod +x ./
cd nbr2_mp4



Usage: ./nbr2mp4 SOURCE [MP4_DIRECTORY] [FPS]
SOURCE: The name of the source Advanced Recording Format file (.arf)
that you want to convert. Specify a path name if the file is in a
directory other than the current directory.
MP4_DIRECTORY: The directory for the MP4 output file. If MP4_DIRECTORY
is not specified, the MP4 output file will be generated in the same
directory as the SOURCE file.
FPS: The number of frames per second, which should be between 3 and 10,
default = 5.