owncloud client selective sync of folders on Ubuntu/Debian Linux

Since owncloud selective sync only got in after 1.7.0 version of the client i was searching how to use it right away.
But Ubuntu 14.04 ships with owncloud 1.6.2, therefore we need to go around and hack some packages to be able to use this before it reaches ubuntu stable repos:

First install the 1.6.2 client:

sudo apt-get install owncloud-client

ATI Radeon OpenSource drivers on Debian or Ubuntu

By default Debian/Ubuntu LInux choose the best drivers for your ati radeon, but i wanted to know how the proprietary fglrx would worl so i gave it a try...
Result? ... a lot of glitches...

Here is how i returned back to the fine working ati opensource drivers with OpenGL acceleration:

Drupal Installation Script for Linux Debian/Ubuntu

Yesterday we gave a workshop at the @IST in Lisbon .
Based on that experience i created an automation script that installs "all the things" and makes your local Linux Debian/Ubuntu box run the latest drupal version in around 3 minutes.

Give it a try by running this on the command line:

curl -s http://www.ricardoamaro.com/d7install.bash | sh

Drupal Workshop @Campus IST Alameda

The Drupal Portugal Community is giving another workshop. This time dedicated to the students of Instituto Superior Técnico

Here is the official announcement at the hackerschool site

See full poster

If you want to know more about this community, visit the http://drupal-pt.org site.

Hey dude... Docker just tweeted my post!

So, long story short: I had some great fun writting a testbot for Drupal using Docker containers at Drupaldevdays in Szeged:
https://github.com/ricardoamaro/modernizing_testbot__dockerfiles and...


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