Drupalcon presentation on Linux containers, Vagrant & Docker - Great Feedback

I was really impressed by the full packed audience on my session at Drupalcon.

Pasting again here the links to the repos:



Monitorama.eu 2013

I’m leavig today Berlin on my way for Drupalcon Prague. Here i attended the first Monitorama event done in Europe. My mind was completely blownaway by the amazing Opensource driven Community foud at the event. We could find people from all parts of Europe and even some from the U.S., all in a quest to make monitoring not suck… Maybe that’s why i got a pair of s_cks at the registration:

Screencast: Drupal deployment on lxc using Vagrant

I made this video to show how easy it is to use Drupal on LXC

Try MariaDB on Ubuntu 12LTS - Precise

MariaDB is an amazing replacement for the previous mysql, abducted by their new "owners", Oracle.
MariaDB is in direct competition with Percona and they both fully support all applications that run with the old mysql backend.

Code release for Drupal on lxc containers (vagrant & docker)

I announced in my last post the availability of actual running code for deploying Drupal sites on LXC containers.
First work acomplished went using puppet & vagrant to create the LXC image. After that it can be exported to a Docker container and moved around.
Since then i went a bit further and created the actual lamp stack with the native docker build ALSO!


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