Drupal8 Docker Container App Initiative for testing purposes

Since that the need to support Drupal 8 will jump soon, i wanted to share with you all a contribution i've been working on:

Drupal8 Container App Initiative for testing purposes

The app will run locally, will be self-contained and will give you a local IP that you can ssh and do your own breaking and testing. Like testing modules, configs... Drupal8's container is updated to the newest version every night.

This only requires 2 steps:

The value of testing Drupal - Using docker containers!

Check the all blog post here:

If you are a Drupal contributor, one of the things that immediately pops into your mind is the time that takes to test your patch. Testing happens throughout the whole workflow of getting a change in Drupal core and contrib modules. Testing is what keeps you awake to see if your patch failed or passed. Testing is what makes you pull out your hair or jump with joy.

Docker tools to help containers conquer the server world!

Docker came a long way since i started to use it back in March 2013. It has now a bunch of real life applications and some neat helpers that will flip your head over. Check out this list:

Hey dude... Docker just tweeted my post!

So, long story short: I had some great fun writting a testbot for Drupal using Docker containers at Drupaldevdays in Szeged: and...

Drupalcon presentation on Linux containers, Vagrant & Docker - Great Feedback

I was really impressed by the full packed audience on my session at Drupalcon.

Pasting again here the links to the repos:




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