DrupalEurope and Drupal Portugal

Drupal Europe is an effort from the European Drupalists. Drupal Portugal, after organizing DrupalDevdays is promoting DrupalEurope as the main European Drupal Event for 2018. Next year we will have Drupalcon back in Europe.

Drupal8 Docker Container App Initiative for testing purposes

Since that the need to support Drupal 8 will jump soon, i wanted to share with you all a contribution i've been working on:

Drupal8 Container App Initiative for testing purposes

The app will run locally, will be self-contained and will give you a local IP that you can ssh and do your own breaking and testing. Like testing modules, configs... Drupal8's container is updated to the newest version every night.

This only requires 2 steps:

Drupal, DevOps and DrupalCon Barcelona 2015

Drupal is an awesome tool for building sites!
You imagine, you create and finally you publish your work online.
“What now? Is that work over?”
If you have those questions making an echo in your mind, then this track is exactly what you were looking for.

Every site needs to be deployed, hosted, monitored, upgraded, scaled, security patched and maintained. Drupalcon Barcelona DevOps track can help you to achieve those goals and ensure the success of your site.

DevOps bridges the gap between the world of developers and operations.

Drupal 8 is SkyRocket FAST!

This slide comes from http://talks.php.net/fluent15#/ and should be compared to the other platforms there also, since the ~2500 requests per second on Drupal8/PHP7 overcome the 600 requests per second on WordPress 4.1.1/PHP7.
This was a recent presentation done by Rasmus Lerdorf (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rasmus_Lerdorf) in SAN FRANCISCO about PHP7.


Simplificação de Expressões Booleanas

Exemplo: ~(A * B) * (~A + B) * (~B + B) = ~A

~(A * B) * (~A + B) * (~B + B)
~(A * B) * (~A + B) Complemento, Elemento Neutro.
(~A + ~B) * (~A + B) Lei DeMorgan
~A + ~B * B Distributividade.
~A Complemento, Elemento Neutro.


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